Lucas A. Montiel Juan

Sound and Image Engineering in Telecommunication

Polytechnic School. University of Alicante.

This project is about the implementation of a simple application of hybrid algorithmic composition based on rules and probabilities, in which it can be decided whether these rules act or not, or the different implemented algorithms, so that results can be compared or to have the possibility to be part of the composition process, making the application a possible aid to an external creative composition.
To achieve these objectives a specific process has been followed:
• Study of the possibilities in terms of algorithmic composition systems and the platform to be used: Csound.
• Preliminary design of the application to be developed in function of the results that are intended to be obtained.
• Implementation of the application following the design and revision of the problematic aspects of the same if there were.
• Checking the operation and obt


Technical report (in spanish):

Source Code in Csound:
Composition samples in Sound Cloud: