Degree & Master Projects

Study and Implementation of a Software Version of a a Classic Analog Synthesizer

July 17, 2022

Julio Fontcuberta Allegue Grado en Ingeniería en Sonido e Imagen en Telecomunicación Polytechnic School. University of Alicante. The aim is to recreate, in a software version, a classic Minimoog Model D synthesizer. It is important to make the new instrument compatible with the most common formats and environments. We have made use of the theoretical […]

Study and Implementation of a Software Version of a Digital Subtractive Synthesizer

June 17, 2022

Luis Berbegal Serralta Grado en Ingeniería en Sonido e Imagen en Telecomunicación Polytechnic School. University of Alicante. The aim of this project is to develop a fully functional subtractive synthesizer that can be used in audio applications, in any field, thanks to a simple interface that facilitates and speeds up the work dynamics. On the […]

Development of a Complete Optical Music Recognition Workflow

July 20, 2021

Antonio Ríos Vila Máster Universitario en Ciencia de Datos Polytechnic School. University of Alicante. In this Master’s thesis we will produce a complete music recognition system based on two steps: an image-agnostic transcription of an input staff image and an automatic translation step between the output of such recognition (which is in such an agnostic […]

Design and implementation of a digitally controlled analog drum machine

September 21, 2020

José María Bañón Honrubia Grado en Ingeniería en Sonido e Imagen en Telecomunicación Polytechnic School. University of Alicante. A drum machine is a musical instrument capable of composing, programming and playing rhythm patterns with the help of a sequencer and a percussive sound generator and a series of filters. We can speak of an analog […]

Desarrollo de técnicas para el reconocimiento automático de manuscritos de partituras musicales

June 12, 2020

This end-of-degree work aims to study the general situation of optical music recognition with the aim of trying to improve an already existing tool for real-time symbol labelling for musicologists. From four fragments contained in a 17th century manuscript corpus and using image processing and automatic learning techniques, an incremental classification system has been designed […]

ReadSco: Open-Source Web-based Optical Music Recognition Tool

In the project, we will develop an official OMR recognition pipeline and establish a service architecture that will allow our purpose of uniting the community. Also, we will develop an application so that users have the opportunity to perform music recognition efficiently. In the following chapters of this report, we will discuss state of the […]

Analysis and Development of a musical app

September 26, 2018

In this work we will explain how to design and implement a musical application based on a preconceived idea and artistic design. For this, a methodology used today will be carried out with well differentiated phases: Idea / Proposal, Functional Analysis, Technical Analysis, Development and Testing. The software is a musical application based on the […]

Development of tools for acoustic analysis of bowed string instruments

September 13, 2018

In this project we focus on the family of bowed string instruments, whose sound depends on a wide variety of physical parameters, such as resonance frequencies, Chladni patterns, wood density, string tension and structure, speed of propagation, etc. We will study how the luthiers handle all these parameters in the process of creation of the […]

Estudio de sistemas de transcripción automática para la flauta

September 11, 2018

In this work, we try to adapt algorithms that extract musical information from an audio file to the case of a particular instrument. The main objective is the study of systems to help the automatic transcription of digitalized music. Currently, these techniques cover a generic sound timbre, so they are applicable to sounds of any […]