Pablo Campos Albert

Multimedia Engineering

Polytechnic School. University of Alicante.

In this work we will explain how to design and implement a musical application based on a preconceived idea and artistic design. For this, a methodology used today will be carried out with well differentiated phases: Idea / Proposal, Functional Analysis, Technical Analysis, Development and Testing.
The software is a musical application based on the idea that, if a regular polygon is represented in the circumference of a vinyl by means of notches, each indentation will be equivalent to each strong beat of the percussion of a measure. The idea is to take this to a mobile phone with all the advantages that it entails: accessibility, usability, portability and the ability to edit the sound without the need of any type of device.
A description of the application's functionalities will be made, also with the description of the implementation of the application's functionalities.


Technical report (in spanish):