Degree & Master Projects

Building a ground-truth corpus for optical music recognition research

July 9, 2018

Optical Music Recognition is the branch of artificial intelligence that develops systems that are able to extract the musical content of an image from a musical score and transcribe it into a format that allows it to be easily processed by a computer. The tendency for the development of these systems is to use automatic […]

Automatic music transcription using neural networks

June 18, 2018

The use of artificial intelligence to solve problems that were not previously viable is growing exponentially. One of these problems is obtaining the musical notes (the music score) given a song in audio format. This task has a high complexity due to the large number of notes that can be played at the same time […]

Virtual MIDI platform

September 15, 2017

This work focuses on the connection between HTML5 and Csound languages. Initially we will investigate current layout techniques and user experience. A prototype will be realized that will allow to experience the acquired knowledge and to demonstrate the possibilities offered by this connection. The development of this prototype has followed a process that goes from […]

Tools for music automatic transcription: onset detection

During this project will be carried out the process of porting the detection engine of onsets developed by Antonio Pertusa in C ++ to Java language. For this it will be necessary to describe and specify the algorithm used, implement the engine and later an evaluation will be made comparing the efficiency of the program […]

Computer-assisted music composition

The algorithmic composition uses very diverse techniques to obtain musical works generated by formal processes. One of them is to compose sequences of notes based on the probabilities that a given note is preceded by another, a technique known as Markov Chain. These probabilities can be estimated from examples of compositions. More recent versions of […]

Study of automatic chord estimation systems in digital music

July 13, 2017

In this project, we will focus on one concrete area of the music transcription: automatic chord estimation (ACE). We will analyze the main subsystems inside an automatic chord estimation system, and how, modifying theirs parameters, changes the result of the estimation. The analyzed subsystems have been divided in some categories depending on the part of […]

Applications for psychoacoustic auditory training

A suite of applications with graphic interface for the auditive training has been developed. Those applications are meant to be used by sound proffessionals (producers, sound designers and sound engineers), but it could be used by any user with a basic computing level. The psychoacoustic ear training seeks for the education and tunning of the […]

Algorithmic music composition from chord sequencies

This project is about the implementation of a simple application of hybrid algorithmic composition based on rules and probabilities, in which it can be decided whether these rules act or not, or the different implemented algorithms, so that results can be compared or to have the possibility to be part of the composition process, making […]

Gamification for creation of music teaching applications

The main objective of this project is to create a support system in the classroom to facilitate learning music in reading rhythms, one of the basic subjetcs in music learning for any student. This will be done in a web environment, trying to be easy, simple, friendly and accessible for any user. The tool has […]

Automatic chord estimation from audio through instrumental classification

September 27, 2016

Extracting music information, specifically the automatic chord detection, is an open research area for many years because of the difficulty of performing this task manually. Thus, the development and implementation of an automatic system estimation chord from audio signals by comparing harmonic patterns (cromagrama) is proposed. The main objective for this work is to use […]