Fernando Ayelo Sánchez

Sound and Image Engineering in Telecommunication

Polytechnic School. University of Alicante.

A suite of applications with graphic interface for the auditive training has been developed. Those applications are meant to be used by sound proffessionals (producers, sound designers and sound engineers), but it could be used by any user with a basic computing level. The psychoacoustic ear training seeks for the education and tunning of the ear, in order to make it capable of identifying and characterizing the different qualities and pa- rameters of the sound material which is an essential requirement for the sound proffessionals. Our group of applications looks for proccessing the sound from its different parameters, as the spatial location, frequency detection, the noise and the distortion and lastly the gain and the dinamics are. To achieve this, Csound will be the programming language we will use, supported by CsoundQt. Every single application will also have a graphic interface de


Technical report (in spanish):

Source Code in Csound:
Composition samples in Sound Cloud: