April 12, 2024

Papers accepted at ICDAR2024

Four papers from our group has been accepted at the 19th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2024):

  • Adrian Rosello, Eliseo Fuentes-Martínez, Maria Alfaro-Contreras, David Rizo and Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza: Source-Free Domain Adaptation for Optical Music Recognition
  • Eric Ayllon, Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza and Francisco J. Castellanos: Analysis of the Calibration of Handwriting Text Recognition Models
  • Francisco J. Castellanos, Juan P. Martinez-Esteso, Alejandro Galán-Cuenca, Antonio Javier Gallego: A region-based approach for layout analysis of music scores with scarce data
  • Antonio Ríos-Vila, Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza and Thierry Paquet Sheet Music Transformer: End-To-End Optical Music Recognition Beyond Monophonic Transcription

The conference will take place on August, 30th in Athens (Greece).